About Yana Frank Design

Yana Frank Design is a small design and build firm specializing in original designs. Ranging from one of a kind pieces of furniture to small run design objects, the common thread is an interest in conceptual designs coupled with a love for materials.

Whether you are looking for fresh ideas for your customers by selling objects from my collections or are hoping to commission a custom piece, I would be happy to take a look at your project. My scale ranges from built in and free standing interiors and furniture, down to small boxes and other objects. If you are looking for a personal gift for a wedding or anniversary, I also make custom wedding boxes that are lovingly designed and crafted for each couple.

Email or call with inquiries and I will get back to you promptly!

About me

“Kunst-Hand-Werk” – Art – Hand – Work

The German word for artisan (“Kunsthandwerker”) perfectly describes my interest in both conceptual design and its hands-on execution.

After a degree in architecture I followed my interest in working design by apprenticing in a custom wood shop, convinced that good design is not only based on ideas but also on a foundation of understanding materials and joinery.  Over the years I have worked as a woodworker for various shops and designers, and my last position at the Science Museum of MN expanded my knowledge base to include metal and plastics fabrication.

After years of fine tuning the craft side I returned to my “first love”, furniture design, and now create my own lines of unique custom furniture and objects. My design influences include early Modern (Rietveld) and Japanese design, and I love exploring ways to express structure in pieces that are both complex and still appear simple.

Yana Frank sitting on a garden bench